Destination unknown.


Felicia made a phonecall.

Looking to nothing, expecting a lot.

Slipping through another shot.
Walked through another shot.

Kenneth Muskiet -‘Everything is fucking art.’

Daughter – lunch.

Boss of a gallery with roots in the squatter movement;
nowadays again fighting against the real estate ambitions.

‘As rabbi as well as member of a labor¬†union, I attend this commemoration of the February-staking
with migrants to pay our respect, to explain them what’s going on and to make them clear it’s also about them.’

‘In our Ecofashion-shop it’s all about sustainability.
One can find fashion, hair do and lifestyle – and us to make you happy.’

She did a song – and ears listened and eyes looked and the lens did other things.

‘With my Rembrandt-hat’, he said, after he agreed with the shot.


Sometimes somebody attracts you and you don’t know why – sometimes it’s clear right away.


I’m Laura, blogster with On the Racks. Yes fine, shoot me. – Looks great!¬†Have a nice day. (Here is Laura.)


Despite the external conventions, he seems to feel happy in his own world.


Haha, yes it’s rather late for breakfast. As a student biology I should do better.
But now I’m going to study right away. Brings back the balance.

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